MEDIEVAL CHIHUAHUA TAROT by Tarotlyn – Shop opens Jan 01, 2018 here:

This is not a collage deck. The technique I used is called “photo-manipulation’
meaning you are not looking at just a single photo per card.
You are looking at cards that took a process of using many
different images (up to 30 and more per card) to make just one card do what I wanted it to do.
If you can’t see where I spliced and fused pieces together within a
card, then that means that I am getting better at this – LOL

‘Medieval Chihuahua Tarot’ is available in three sizes:
Tarot Size or Jumbo Size cards
72 card decks

Thank you for watching the video..
Love, Light, and Blessings

Music credits: “Ravenchanter” – Background Music 29
by longzijun:
(wonderful music there) (used with permission); charitable donation of made again to:
Longzijun, Thank you so much for your beautiful music and helping our bears!

Music: ‘A Million Times’ – by Summer Heart
Album: About a Feeling -creative commons

Music: “#1 flute-Native American Flute Improv” by Peyotito
Creative Commons License -By Attribution 3.0

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