Arizona’s Yugoslavian Candy – European Doberman Pinscher – Dog Training – Trained Dogs


Arizona Yugoslavian Candy is a 1 year old Female European Doberman Pinscher. Candy with her super charged prey drive, perfect breed conformation, short beautiful coat with deep rich rust colored markings is an excellent candidate to be a world champion in both the show ring, and as a working dog be it tracking, protection, police/military etc. She has a square frame, and her length is equal to her height at the withers, The length of her head, neck and legs are wonderfully in proportion to her body. Candy follows her genetic European lines from the former Yugoslavia and will be larger in size than those Doberman Pinschers in North America. Expect 26-27 inches tall at the withers. Candy gets along great with other dogs, and she can be trusted around small children. Candy comes with full AKC registration, health guarantee, and 24/7 customer support. Price ,500.00
For more information Call toll free at 1-888-547-7991 or (623)-547-7991

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