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We aren’t sure where to start with Isabelle’s bio. We don’t know anything about her life the past 12 years. We can’t believe that she’s 12–she looks and acts much younger. We don’t understand how that tumor was allowed to get THAT big. The most important thing is that Isabelle is safe with us, and thanks to our generous supporters, she will get the help she obviously needs. Here’s what we do know: Isabelle’s owner was in an accident and could no longer care for her, so his niece brought Isabelle to the local shelter for an unknown fate. Luckily, they contacted us asking for help. In addition to the shockingly enormous tumor (we don’t remember a bigger one at IDR+), she also has a slightly deformed foot. It doesn’t cause her any issues walking, but her nails don’t touch the ground to wear down, so it’s a good thing she didn’t mind the desperately needed nail trim. The brief give-up paperwork says Isabelle is good with other dogs, barks at cats, and is house trained. At our vet, the chest x-rays bloodwork were promising to proceed with the extensive surgery. The tumor was the size and firmness of a steamed head of cauliflower. The amazing SASS Program ( at the Vet Specialty Center in Buffalo Grove ( removed her tumor (and two others) pro bono! We cannot thank them enough for their generosity. Isabelle is recovering is a wonderful foster home and will be ready for a forever home in a couple of weeks.

Music: “Ascending the Vale” by Kevin MacLeod

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