Siberian Tiger VS Grizzly Bear Who Is Stronger Predator


Siberian Tiger and Grizzly Bear are largest and strongest land predators on Earth. Grizzly bear lives in the north America while Siberian tiger lives mainly in Asia. They would have no chance to versus in the wild. Which of them is really stronger predator???
Only by analysis all there power and weapons can we show the stronger fighter .

Siberian tiger is the largest living cat and also is the strongest wild cat. Its weapons (fangs and claws can exceed 4 inches long (10 cm), very sharp and powerful. Siberian tiger is very robust ,solid and muscles , it can run as fast as 65 km/hand can jump as far as 10 m !

Grizzly bear is one of biggest and strongest bear species , a large male can reach up to 680 kg and stand up to 3 m (10 feet) on the hind legs. Grizzly bear has the strongest jaw of all bear species . Its bite force was measured at 1250 PSI. Grizzly bear has a huge set of claws , these claws can exceed 5 inches long, curved sharp and extremely powerful .

Grizzly bear is not a pure predator, it lack of skills to knock down a large prey while Siberian tiger is a horrible killer and can kill the preys that 3-4 times bigger their body .

The chance of each predator to win a fight is 50 % , but in a long battle, the Grizzly bear would has more chances to win!!!

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