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10 Best Police Dog Breeds In The World
A dog has been man’s best friend for centuries which ultimately makes them the most loyal of companions that frankly tops both human and animal species; I mean you won’t find a pet like a lizard or a rabbit that loyal, in fact not loyal at all and you sure cannot cuddle with them as you would with them fluffy hounds. Dogs are often used by police and there are a couple of best police dog breeds too. “All men are dogs they say”

10. German Short-Haired Pointer

A very short dog as its name suggests, however due to it being so commonly found and bred ,they are grown in numbers and is also ‘shortly’ known again as :GSP’s. The German short-haired pointer is among the best police dog breeds.but then again this dog shouldn’t be judged by the texture of its fur and skin as its one of the most active and friendly dogs out there.

9. Bloodhound

The bloodhound is really a dog with large hung ears which makes it rather unique in appearance from the rest and it often ranked as one of the best police dog breeds. If you’d ask this dog “why the long face”,its quiet a powerful dog with a more masculine side to it, which is a common reason as to why it has been yet another one among the top police dog breeds.

8. Boxer Dog

Best Police Dog Breeds
As the name suggests, this is a more fighter dog and among the best police dog breeds. personalities in some strange but acceptable way. Boxer dogs can be considered as the more Martial Arts or Gymnastics types of hounds due to their amazing ability to spring up in a jump of somewhat high raised bars of heights that you challenge them to reach.

7. Labrador Retriever

Here is one furry friend that is considered to be one of the cutest looking dogs to mainly the females of the world, however when we speak of Labrador retriever, this is a total other breed on its very like her own child. But apparently the Labrador is also one of the best police dog breeds.

6. Dutch German Shepherd

We can gladly consider this a name brand type of German shepherd and as we all know that the Duchies are known for their famous ‘Prim and Proper’ nature and so the Dutch Germans Shepherd dog’s reputation should speak for itself here also.Police have adopted and trained Dutch German Shepherd’s for several reasons over the years

5. Giant Shnautzer

Best Police Dog Breeds
The big dog always wins, this isn’t uncommon knowledge and the Giant Shnautzer is sure to intimidate any other dog that’s smaller in line of sight and would frighten of criminals too. Let’s be frank, nobody fears for a small playful dog as they would for a Giant Shnautzer in this case. ‘Giant’ as the name suggests is definitely not for no reason and really demands an attention of respect and authority in its stance and stature.

4. Doberman Pinscher

Most certainly cannot teach an old dog new tricks, but the Doberman can be classed as one of the new kids on the block apart from the other breeds. His not a very biggie but not a smaller either. In this regard we can say his just in the middle but because of it being one of the most common breeds in the United States alone, his widely considered by the K9 Family dog units in the police force.

3. Belgian Tervueren

Best Police Dog Breeds
Belgian Tervueren isn’t your average dog breed and the name itself is a similar concord to the word “Terror” and exactly as terrifying as it looks as well. Everybody fears a scary looking hound even if it’s not as dangerous as it appears but the fact that it’s a cheeky ,meat ripping dog authority figures who have this guard master by their side.

2. Rottweiler

Best Police Dog Breeds Rottweiler
Every breed has an Alpha Male in their pack. Rottweiler’s are notoriously known for being the most fierce in temperament and aggressive in their actions, guiless and can raise hell from the ground at which you stand on. Despite it not being the biggest dog out there, it sure is one of the bravest, warrior dogs out there and is counted among the best police dog breeds. If size really mattered then, honestly even the elephant would be king of the jungle.

1. German Shepherd

Ranking Number 1 on the list of the 10 best police dog breeds has got to make a bold underlining statement in itself. This is most certainly a ‘German Spec’ Shepherd and can be considered as the Boss in its personality, families do with the only difference of not being able to speak, but naturally their unconditional love is still there.

10 Best Police Dog Breeds – Best Guard Dogs
German Shepherd
Belgian Tervueren
Doberman Pinscher
Giant Shnautzer
Dutch German Shepherd
Labrador Retriever
Boxer Dog
German Short-Haired Pointe

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