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2014 Spring -ART -3000-002 : DIGITAL MEDIA PRODUCTION at UNO
Project #7 – Two Videos of Choice
In this project you will be using all the skills you learned in class thus far to develop two videos of your choosing.
Each video needs to be 1 minute — 4 minutes in length
Each video must explore one of the given frameworks:
Tell the story of a specific person, place or thing in an experimental narrative form.
Instructional video – educational video – Epic Mealtime
False Documentary –
Performance Documentation / Event documentation
Public commentary
Must have a title and credits (unless you believe the nature of your video is such that these normative element contradict your artistic vision)
Must have multiple tracks of video and audio somewhere in the video
Must have some use of motion effects, video effects, video transitions audio transitions and audio effects somewhere in the video
Must use still images in some way
Must have artistic vision
demonstrates dedication and artistic integrity
demonstrates a devotion to your artistic and intellectual growth

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