Golden Retriever Learns to Dive


StrangeGolden Retriever Learns to DiveGolden Retriever Learns to DiveThe Associated PressThe owners of a golden retriever from Wallingford, Connecticut taught the dog to dive to the bottom of their pool. (July 16)[Notes:ANCHOR VOICE] MARLEY THE GOLDEN RETRIEVER GOES BEYOND DOGGY PADDLING – DIVING RIGHT TO THE BOTTOM OF A 7-AND-A-HALF FOOT POOL. [Notes:BETH FERGUSON]”The most amazing thing you’ve ever seen.” [Notes:MICHAEL TISCIA] “she’ll dive all day long.”OWNER BETH FERGUSON SAYS THE THREE-AND-A-HALF YEAR-OLD GOLDEN RETRIEVER IS A BETTER THAN AVERAGE MAN’S BEST FRIEND. [Notes:ferguson]”extremely talented canine”THE WALLINGFORD, CONNECTICUT DOG LOVER SAY HER YOUNGEST SON TAUGHT MARLEY TO DIVE WHEN SHE WAS JUST A YEAR OLD. SHE’S CONTINUED TO IMPROVE AND HER BROTHERS ARE SOMEWHAT JEALOUS.”Harpo wants to save her and runs around the pool screaming the whole time.”THE DOG LOVER SAYS MARLEY’S LOVE OF WATER MAY HAVE STARTED AFTER SHE WAS RESCUED FROM A FIRE AS A PUPPY. FERGUSON HAS HOPES OF PUTTING MARLEY’S DIVING SKILLS TO USE ON THE BIG SCREEN SOMETIME IN THE FUTURE. ___ ___, The Associated Press.(****END****) (ANCHOR VOICE: JBshsarah————————-VIDEO PRODUCER: NHawkins——————————VIDEO SOURCE: WTNH————————–VIDEO APPROVAL: DBruns——————————VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: Courtesy———————————-SCRIPT/WIRE SOURCE: N/A————————————)

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