Puppy Video – A day in the life of Angel – the Golden Retriever



This puppy video is a hilarious slow motion compilation of Angel – golden retriever puppy playing dog fetch game slow motion using high speed camera technique. Slow motion video of dog fetch game. Dog fetch fails are fun to watch 🙂

Angel – The golden retriever puppy used to have bouts of such hyperkinesis – running excitably for no apparent reason – generally during certain times of the day. We used to wonder when do puppies settle down or at what age do puppies calm down. We also had questions as to why are puppies so hyper and how to train your dog to calm down. Where there any dog calming food or natural dog relaxant? Could we try dog calming treats or calm aid for dogs? Fortunately, for us, Angel soon grew up to be a more subdued personality! No dog anxiety treatment was needed because there was none!

Puppy fetch training is one of the most early stage trainings that you can undertake if your pooch is a purebred retriever. Golden retrievers and Labrador retrievers have the inherent genetic makeup to “go after” and fetch to please their masters all of course for a delicious healthy dog training treats!

Angel – the Golden retriever puppy – goes about her daily routine playing with dog toys she loves the most – rope toys, kong toys, and almost any other chew toy makes her happy. But you have to be careful sometimes she will swallow anything that comes her way. Puppies are energetic and play all the time they are awake. Stuffed kong toys or similar are good brain activities and help in their training. Dog food and dog treats are good motivators too.

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Puppy – Un día en la vida de Angel – el Golden Retriever
Filhote de cachorro – um dia na vida do anjo – o golden retriever
Puppy – Un jour dans la vie d’Angel – Golden Retriever
子犬 – 天使の生活の中の一日 – ゴールデンレトリバー

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