Siberian Husky Is Rescued And Undergoes Stunning Transformation


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A little love is all it takes to completely change someone’s life. Humans and animals alike suffer from neglect, and this pain is visible in their bodies. One husky was given a second chance, and the love she received turned her life around. You wouldn’t even recognize her as the same dog.

Luna is a Siberian husky who was left to fend for herself on the streets. With no one to care for her, the dog quickly became malnourished. This dramatically affected the way she looked.

Luna was so thin that her ribs were practically showing. Her face also lacked the fullness and vibrancy of a husky. Seeing her like this, it would be difficult to even tell what kind of dog she was.

Luckily, Luna crossed paths with Imgur user BittersweetSymphony, who took her in. He knew that with kindness and compassion, this dog could become truly magnificent.

Luna was not the first pup this man had rescued. ““I have 7 dogs and 5 of them are from the streets,” he explained on his account. “But last year I had around 25 and all of them got adopted.” Clearly, this is a person with a huge heart and a burning desire to help animals in need.

This Good Samaritan fed Luna and helped her heal. “She was so skinny and had no hair because of the mange,” he said.

Luna might have looked pretty rugged, but her beautiful mix-match colored eyes showed her rescuer that there was a beautiful dog waiting to be discovered. She might have been malnourished and broken, but that was all about to change.

Over time Luna’s hair grew longer, she started gaining weight, and she began to look like a true husky. It warmed her owner’s heart to watch her steadily regain her health.

In just eight months, she had made an incredible transformation. Luna looks entirely different than she did when she was first rescued.

Now she is at a proper weight for a husky. Her face is full, and her fur is nice and thick. Her rescuer could not be more proud of her progress.

Thanks to the kindness of a stranger, this dog got a second chance at life. She turned from a path of pain and isolation to one of love and good health. If only more people were willing to take in one of the countless dogs in need of a home, rather than supporting breeders.


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