This is a video showing how our Siberian Husky puppies Dash & Kitana play, some people may think they are hurting each other but they are NOT this is how huskies play. In this video Dash & Kitana play bitey face and zoomies and at the end it was so cute seeing the giving each other licky kisses and I thought I would show you all. Also Jacob was being a cheeky boy and stole his daddy’s shoes and walk around in the backyard in his shoes and randomly dancing so I added that in there too as well as some photos.

I am so sorry I could film a video this week for anyone who actually cares as I have 4 exams on Monday-Wednesday as well as 2 assignments due as well, So I hope you enjoy this video until next week when I can film a proper video.

Dash is currently 25 weeks old.
Kitana is currently 22 weeks old.

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(Three years old)

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