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Yorkies are often hard to pottytrain because small breeds have small bladders to match. Learning how to train your Yorkie is paramount in enjoying your new puppy in your home.

How To Pottytrain Yorkies

Hard to pottytrain yorkies CAN be housetrained, but it takes many days, sometimes months, of knowing what to say to them and when to say it.

How To Pottytrain Yorkies

Pottytraining Yorkies takes consistent, daily action. You need to realize that Yorkies need to be taken either to a puppy pad or outside in the same spot each time they wake up, play hard, eat, or get excited which is MANY times throughout the day.

How To Pottytrain Yorkies

Don’t give up on pottytraining your Yorkie if you don’t see success in the first few days…because it takes time. Be sure to leave your Yorkie in a safe, enclosed area that won’t matter about their accidents when you leave them at home alone.

How To Pottytrain Yorkies

How To Pottytrain Yorkies is a pressing matter and you need to know the facts before you bring the puppy home. If you already have a Yorkie pup, just go to this site and get their FREE 5 Day Training Course. http://kristiechiles.com/Yorkie

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